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CubeSmart’s Free Manhattan Storage Valet Chauffeur: Terms

1. Driver will be available for pickup Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Driver will not be available for pickup Monday, Tuesday, or days when the participating CubeSmart self-storage facility is not open.

2. Reservations are made on a first come, first serve basis at the participating CubeSmart self-storage facility.

3. Please schedule your trip at least 24 hours in advance with the participating CubeSmart self-storage facility.

4. The Valet Service is for a period of two (2) consecutive hours. Additional charges may apply for use of the Valet Service for more than two (2) hours.

5. Each reservation is valid for a single, one-way trip to the participating CubeSmart self-storage facility.

6. Driver will call to confirm reservation 30 minutes prior to scheduled pickup.

7. Truck fits up to 4 passengers, not including the CubeSmart driver.

8. You must load the truck at the designated pick-up point, and unload the truck at the participating CubeSmart self-storage facility.

9. Truck will be equipped with moving blankets and hand truck for you to use.

10. Truck is a high-top with ability to transport e.g. mattresses up to queen-sized.

Participating CubeSmart self-storage facilities include CubeSmart Self Storage in Manhattan at 55th and 9th.

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