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RV Storage

Whether you drive a 22-foot Winnebago or a custom American Coach, RV parking and storage can be a challenge. Few people have enough room to accommodate such a large vehicle, and depending on your neighborhood, may face grief from homeowners associations. When you need RV storage, CubeSmart is here to help.

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RV Storage Benefits

An RV is not easy to make room for. Most home garages can’t accommodate these large vehicles. You can utilize your driveway, but even that’s a stretch, leaving little room for your daily vehicles. At CubeSmart, we understand the needs for RV storage and offer versatile storage solutions as a result. CubeSmart customers also enjoy:

  • Easy, drive-up access
  • Extra-large indoor and covered RV storage space to keep RV’s from outside elements
  • Security features including 24-hour video recording and electronic-gated access
  • Flexible lease terms such as month-to-month for long-term or temporary RV storage

Plus, we offer boat storage so you can rent boat and RV storage in one place!

RV Storage Options

An RV requires a certain type of storage. That’s why we offer the best options for your RV storage needs.

Outdoor RV Storage

CubeSmart’s outdoor RV storage is equipped to handle your standard RV. Pull up into our spacious lot and feel good about leaving your vehicle here. Whether it’s for the season or staying put until your next adventure, easily access your RV when you’re ready.

Covered RV Storage

Our covered RV storage options give you all the same features as our outdoor parking spots, but with the added benefit of coverage from the elements such as rain and sun exposure.

Common RV Storage Sizes

40ft Outdoor Parking

Our 40ft outdoor parking spots, which also include our covered RV parking spots, accommodate RVs that are up to 40ft in size. Examples of common RVs include:

  • Class A motorhomes (Winnebago Adventurer): 28.42–36.83 feet
  • Class B motorhomes (Mercedes Sprinter): 19.5 feet
  • Class C motorhomes (Forest River Forester): 24.5–32.25 feet

RV Storage FAQs

What is RV storage?

RV storage is a great option for those who want to free up space on their own property, or who simply don’t have the square footage to keep an RV on their lot. At 25 to 40 feet long, RVs can take up a lot of space. Put your RV in storage and make room for a new playground for the kids or a work shed for your hobbies. It’s worth it!

How to prepare an RV for long-term storage?

With many different types of RVs out there, preparing your RV for storage could be different for you depending on the features of your vehicle. Always follow your manufacturer’s recommendations. Once you’ve found your storage space, some general tips to prep for long-term RV storage are to:

  1. Remove all food items
  2. Remove any valuables
  3. Clean the exterior and the interior
  4. Pest control and repair damage
  5. Protect pipes and fixtures from freezing
  6. Disconnect and remove the battery and store in a safe place; remove any other batteries that may be used in your RV
  7. Cover your RV, or at least the parts that are susceptible to rodents such as the furnace, outlets, water heater and refrigerator
  8. Cover tires to protect from UV light
  9. Depending on the climate, you may want to consider using DampRid inside to protect from moisture in a humid climate or place a bucket of water on the inside floor to prevent interior wood from cracking in a dry climate

Find RV Storage Near You

Properly storing your RV is important which is why at CubeSmart, we make sure we have the RV storage solutions for you. With more than 1,200 facilities nationwide, we have a storage center near you with the long-term or temporary storage options you need. Get outdoor or covered RV parking and know your RV will be ready to go when you are. Find a RV storage facility near you.

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